Introduction To M.I.D.I.


M.I.D.I. Principle #1

Musical Instrument Digital Interface:

M.I.D.I. is a communication system which allows "Digital" electronic musical equipment to communicate with other "Digital" equipment. (other M.I.D.I. intruments, computers, modems, etc.

M.I.DI. Channels:

One of the most versatile functions of MIDI communications is that it can be carried over 16 different MIDI channels.

This means that a MIDI device will only receive the MIDI INFORMATION to which it is tuned. A MIDI CONTROLLER (keyboard, guitar, drumpads, etc.) can send MIDI INFORMATION to a number of devices, and each device will only receive and act on the information specifically meant for it.

Note Information:

MIDI INFORMATION which describes:

M.I.D.I. Controller:

A device which is used to send "NOTE INFORMATION" and other MIDI INFORMATION.

Synthesizer Module:


Multi- Timbral:

M.I.D.I. Sequencer:

Quantize Function: