AMM 4M: Exercise #1

Syncing Cubase, Reason & Video

For this assignment Cubase becomes the intermediary between the video clip and Reason.

It syncs to the video and syncs to Reason.

1) Open Cubase and load the video clip.

Set the "synchronization" bar display to "0."

  • Go to Cubase menu "Modules/ Setup"
    • Activate the "DS Video Monitor"
  • Go back to "Modules/ DS Video Monitor" and select "Open Movie."
    • Load the ".avi" file you wish to score.
  • When you press play on Cubase the video should also play.
    • It is controlled by Cubase.
  • Options/ Synchronization
    • Make sure "Bar Display" under "Offsets" is set to "0."
2) Activate the "Rewire Panel" and activate the Reason "Mix L and Mix R" panels.
  • Panels/ ReWire
    • Click the Mix L and Mix R buttons so that they light up green.

3) Open Reason , create a mixer, and create a synthesizer or sampler.

NB. You must start Reason AFTER you start Cubase.

4) Load a sound patch into the synthesizer, or a sample into the sampler.

  • Notice that when you press play on Cubase, Reason also starts to play.

5) Control the Reason device from Cubase.

  • Go back to Cubase and select a MIDI track.
  • Under the "Output" pull down menu select the Reason device you have created.
  • When you play the keyboard you should hear your Reason device.
  • When you press play and record the video will play and Cubase will record your playing in sync with the video.

6) When finished:

Create a finished video file for your movie score.