AMM 4M: Exercise #1

Creating A Final Video File For Your Movie Score.

In the end we want to have a movie clip which contains your music synced up to the video file.

1) Turn your movie score into a .wav file.

  • Because the sound card is already syncing between Cubase and Reason it will not also record your score as a .wav file.
    • We will need to record your audio onto another recording source.
      • another computer.
  • Connect the "audio out" from the source computer (with Reason and Cubase) to the "line in" of the recording computer.
  • On the recording computer open up Audacity.
    • Set the recording source to "line in."
      • pull down menu to the right of the microphone icon.
  • Start record on Audacity and then play your movie score on the other computer.
  • Trim any empty space at the beginning of the file.
  • Save the file as a .wav file.
    • File/ Export as .wav.


2) Import the .wav file and video file into Adobe Premiere.

  • Use one of the files from the "For Premiere" folder.
    • These are compatible with Premiere.
  • Open Premiere.
    • Under "Load Settings" select "NTSC 640*480 Video Quicktime."
      • If "Load Settings" does not appear go to File/ New Project.
    • Click "Custom" and use the pull down menu to select "Video" settings.
      • turn off the "4:3 aspect" check mark and set the frame size to:
        • 638 * 274 for Gladiator.
        • 583 * 261 for Blade Runner.
        • 640 * 270 for Return Of The King.
      • this will keep Premiere from "stretching" the video clips.
    • Use the "compressor" pull down menu and set the compression to "Sorenson Video 3."
      • Click "OK"
    • File/ Import the .mov file and the .wav file.
      • These two files should appear in the Bin.
    • Drag the .mov file to a video track on the timeline, and the .wav file to an audio track on the timeline.
      • Make sure the audio and video tracks are in sync.
        • You can drag either, or both with the cursor
      • If there is an existing audio track with the .mov file mute it by turning off the speaker icon beside that audio track.

3) Export the finished movie clip as an quicktime file.

  • File/ Export Timeline/ Movie