AMM: Audacity Exercise #3: Soundscape

A "soundscape" is an "audio scene", a picture which is created strictly by using sound effects.

  1. Using Audacity create a brief (1 minute) soundscape using various sound effects and hand it into the In Box.
    1. Collect various sound effects.
    1. Cut and paste these sound effects to create your "soundscape."
      • NB. Sound Effects can reside on different tracks.
        • This allows you to control the volume levels of each track, and to move them into place using the "Time Shift Tool."
        • Experiment with some of the effects found in the "Effects" menu.
    1. Hand in a short story outline of your soundscape.
  1. Hand in your soundscape file as yourname to:
    • 4Student/In/ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/Digital/Exercise#3