AMM: Audacity #2: Looping

  1. Open Audacity
  • Start/ Progams/ Audacity [DOC: AudacityICON]{Go/Applications/Audacity}
  1. Open the following file:
  • 4Student/Out/ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/DigitalExercises/digitalex2.wav
  1. Change the sound from someone honking their horn twice, to the sound of a "stuck" car horn.
    1. Select the section of the sound wave you want to "loop."
      • This should be in the middle of the "horn" sound.
    1. "Duplicate" your selection onto its own track.
      • Edit/duplicate
    1. Mute the "original" audio track.
      • Select "Mute" beside the original track.

    1. Move the "Duplicate" track back to the beginning of the time line.
      • Use the "Time Shift Tool" to select and move the track.
    1. Magnify the track so that you can see the sound wave, and where it crosses the "node point."
      • Use "magnifying glass"
      • or "+","-" tools.

    1. Edit the beginning of the sound wave so that it starts at the node point and rises from that point.
      • Select the area to delete and hit "delete" key.
    1. Edit the end of the sound wave so that it rises from below the node point and ends at that point.
    1. Copy the sound file and paste it to the end of itself.
      • Select sound file.
      • Copy sound file.
        • Edit/Copy OR CMMD/C
      • Move cursor to end of sound file and paste.
        • Edit/Paste OR CMMD/V
    2. Listen to the resulting file and see if you can "hear" the junction at the paste point.
      • If not then you have a good loop and can continue pasting to the end of the file.
      • If you can hear the junction then try to "clean up" that junction point.
        • Try creating a very small "crossfade" at the junction point.
          • Magnify the file at the junction point to a very high level.
          • Select a small section at the end of the original file.
            • "Fade Out" that section of the file.
              • Effects/Fade Out
          • Select a small section at the beginning of the copied file.
            • "Fade In" that section of the file.
              • Effects/Fade In

4) Save to your G drive.

5) Hand in as your name to:

4Student/In/ThompsonPa/Music_Computers /Digital/Exercise2