AMM: Reason Exercise #6:

Using Effects, Panning and other Stuff In Reason

Reason allows you to use a number of effects, and to control some of those effects from other devices.

1) In this exercise you will:

  • Create a drum beat.
  • Output each drum to its own mixer channel.
  • Use three effects in this beat.
    • Reverb
    • Distortion
    • Delay
  • Create a Matrix Sequencer which;
    • controls the frequency output of an envelope filter.
      • which is controlling a hi-hat beat.
  • Create another Matrix Sequencer which;
    • generates the panning of the hi-hat beat.

The result should sound like the following demo:

  • Carefully follow the instructions found at:

Reason Exercise #6: Instructions

2) Save your piece on your G Drive space.

3) Export Song As An Audio File at 44,100 KZ to: