AMM: Reason #2: ReDrum Drum Machine

Using "Reason 3.0" create a 30 second "drum piece" which features at least 3 different drum patterns.


Instructional Movie Part 1

(use this link if "YouTube" link fails)


Instructional Movie Part 2

(use this link if "YouTube" link fails)

1) Open "Reason 3.0" and load the "ReDrum" file.

  • Start/Programs/Propellerhead/Reason 3.0
    • File/ Open
      • 4Student/Out/ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/Reason/ReDrum.
2) Select a Drum Kit.
  • Select "Folder" icon from Patch Select section in lower left hand portion of Redrum.
    • Kits are available from:
      • 4Students/Out/Thompsonpa/Music_Computers/ Reason/ExtraRefills
      • C/Programfiles/Propellerhead/Reason
3) Select an individual drum.
  • Click "SELECT" button at bottom of Drum Strip.
    • You may also select a different drum sample by using the "folder" icon in the drum strip.
  • To hear the sound of the "sample" click the arrow button at the top right of the drum strip.
4) Start to Run the drum machine and enter notes on the Step Editor.
  • Click the "Run" button.
  • Select notes by clicking on the various steps (1-16) The pattern will repeat every 16 steps.
    • You can adjust the number of steps in the pattern by clicking the up/down arrows above "STEPS"
    • You can adjust how hard a beat is played by adjusting the "Soft-Medium-Hard" slider above "Dynamic."

5) Repeat Steps 3 & 4 to add other drums to your pattern.

6) When finished with Pattern 1 start a new pattern.

  • Select "2" under "PATTERN"
  • Repeat Steps 3,4,5 for Pattern 2.

7) Create a 3rd Pattern and chain the patterns together in order.

  • As the ReDrum machine is running select a different pattern
    • The drum machine will not switch to the new pattern until the current pattern is finished.
8) Record your "chain" of Drum Patterns on the "sequencer."
  • Select the "Redrum" track on the sequencer.
  • Make sure the 1rst Pattern on the Chain is playing.
  • Press "Record" and then "Play" on the sequencer.
  • Change patterns on the drum machine as required.
    • The sequencer will record the sequence of the pattern changes.

6) Save your piece on your G Drive space.

7) Export Song As An Audio File to:

4Student/In/ThompsonPa/Music_Computer/Reason 2

8) Create a 2nd Beat using Reason and hand in to:

4Student/In/ThompsonPa/Music_Computer/Reason 2