AMM: Reason Exercise #1: Loop Player Exercise


Instructional Movie

(use this link if "YouTube" link fails)

Using "Reason 3.0" create a 1 minute (minimum) piece using 3 "loop players."

1) Open "Reason 3.0" and load the "DrRexLooping" file.

  • Start/Programs/Propellerhead/Reason 3.0
    • File/ Open
      • 4Student/Out/ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/Reason/"DrRexLooping.

2)Load a "loop" into the Dr Rex 1 loop sample player.

  • Click on "Dr. Rex 1" in sequencer display.
    • This should take you to the Dr. Rex1 Dr:rex Loop Player.
  • Click on the "Browse Loop" button.
    • "folder" icon to right of up/ down arrows.
  • Select a Loop.
    • Loops available from within Reason folder.
      • C:/ProgramFiles/Propellerhead/Reason
    • Also available from Out Box:
      • 4Students/Out/ThompsonPa/ Music_Computers/Reason
3) Add the "loop" to the sequencer.
  • Use the "left/ right locators" to select the area of the sequence to add the loop.
    • Make sure you are on the "Dr. Rex 1" track of the sequencer.
  • Click the "To Track" button on the Loop Player.

4) Repeat Steps "2 & 3" for the "Dr. Rex 2" and "Dr. Rex 3" loop players.

5) Edit your piece.

  • Stop and Start the loops by using the "left/ right locators.
  • Select various "loop sections" from the sequencer tracks which can be moved, deleted, copied, etc.

6) Save your piece on your G Drive space.

7) Hand in to:

4Student/In/ThompsonPa/Music_Computer/Reason 1