AMM: Reason Exercise #4: Adding Effects In Reason


Instructional Movie

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Reason adds effects in much the way effects are added in an "analog" studio; the "effects box" is added to an "auxiliary send" on the mixer and mixer tracks are routed to that auxiliary send to have the effects added to the overall "mix."

This means that one effect can be used on any combination of tracks, including one individual track.

1) Open one of your previous Reason files, add at least 3 different effects to the file, and apply those effects to various tracks in the file.
  • Add an effect to "auxiliary one" by selecting the "mixer" and creating an effects box.
    • Create
      • Reason has a number of effects boxes which are listed from RV-7000 Advanced Reverb to the PH-90 Phaser.
      • You should notice the "effect" listed under the "Return 1" knob on the right side of the mixer.
  • To apply the effect to a track turn up the "Return 1" knob on the right side of the mixer, and turn up the "Aux 1" knob above the track controls.
    • "Aux 1" knob sends the signal from that track to effect attached to "Auxiliary 1".
    • "Return 1" knob mixes the signal from the effects box with the main mix.
  • Add a second effect to "auxiliary two", and a third effect to "auxiliary three."
  • You may add any one, or any combination of the three effects to the different tracks in your mix.

2) Using a word processor describe the various effects you have used, and how you have applied them to each track:

  • ie. Reverb made the track sound ....
  • Distortion made the track .....
  • Phaser made the track .......
    • ie. Track 1
      • Level 7 Reverb.
      • Level 10 Distortion
      • No Phaser
    • Track 2
      • Level 9 Phaser

3) Export your file as an audio file.

4) Create a folder to hold the word processing file and the audio file.

5) Hand in the folder as your name to:

4Student/In/ ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/Reason/ReasonExercise4