AMM: Reason Exercise #3: Using A Sampler To Create A Soundscape in "Real Time"

Using a "Sampler" create a "soundscape" by assigning sound effects to various locations on the sampler, and playing and recording your "soundscape" in "Real Time."


Instructional Movie 1

(use this link if "YouTube" link fails)


Instructional Movie 2

1) Collect the required sound effects for your soundscape.
2) In "Reason" open "NNXT sampler."
  • Start/ Programs/ Propellerhead/ Reason 3.0
    • [Reason ICON in dock OR Go/Applications/Reason]
  • 4Student/Out/ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/"NNXT sampler"

3) Make sure "Reason" is set to respond to the "Midi Controller" and that the audio is set to the sound card

This allows the NNXT sampler in Reason to be triggered by the MIDI keyboard.

  • Edit/ Preferences/ MIDI
    • Set the "Sequencer In" port to "Sound Blaster Live! MIDI In."
  • Edit/ Preference/ Audio
    • Set "Audio Card Driver" to "DXSBLive!WaveOut
  • Set Channel 1 to the "NN-XT 1"
    • Click on "pull -down arrow" beside "CHANNEL 1"
4) Load "samples" from your sound effect collection into the "sampler" and assign specific keys of the MIDI keyboard to those samples.
  • Click the "Load Sample button" and browse to the first sample.
    • File folder icon to the left of "LOAD SAMPLE."

  • Adjust the "Root Key" of the sample by moving the sample left or right with the mouse.
    • The "Root Key" plays the "sample" at its original pitch.
  • Adjust the "Key Range" of the sample by adjusting the white boxes at the left and right of the black key range.
    • The sample will only be "triggered" by notes in the "key range."
  • Add further "samples" below the original sample and assign "root keys" and "key ranges" to those samples.
    • NB. Samples with overlapping key ranges will be triggered at the same time.
5) Record your "soundscape" in "Real Time" using the sequencer.
  • Press "Record" button, and then "play button" on sequencer.
    • Bright red button and second button from left.
  • "Play" your "soundscape" from the keyboard.

6) Save as a "Reason" file on your G drive.

7) Using a word processor discuss the main differences between creating a "Soundscape" using "Audacity"(digital editor) and "Reason". (sampler)

  • Briefly describe each method.
  • Compare ease of use of each method.
  • Advantages vs. disadvantages of each method.
  • Possible uses of each method.

8) "Export as an audio file" your Reason file.

9) Add your word processing file, and audio file to the folder and hand in as your name to:

4Student/In/ ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/Reason/ReasonExercise3