AMM: Garage Band Exercise #2: Add Real Time Drum Track

Using "Garage Band" add a "real-time" drum track to one of the pieces created in Exercise #1.

You will play in "drum" parts using the keyboard (piano) attached to the computer.


Instructional Movie

(use this link if "YouTube" link fails)

1) Open "Garage Band" and load one of your pieces from Exercise #1.

  • Go/Applications/Garage Band
  • Click on Garage Band icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

2)Create a "software instrument" track and select a drum kit for that track.

Add a new "software track"
  • Track/New Track.
    • Make sure you select "Software Instrument Track"
  • Click the "Track Info" button at the bottom right of the main window to open the "Track Info window.
  • Select "Drum Kits" from the left list, and then select a specific drum kit, from the right list.
  • Try playing the piano keyboard attached to the computer.
    • You should hear different drum sounds on different piano keys.

3) Record various drum tracks to add to your piece.
  • Select your new track.
  • Click the Record Button. (Red circle inside Gray circle at bottom of window.
    • You can record different drum parts on different drum tracks, by creating duplicate tracks.
      • Track/ Duplicate Track
        • ie. snare drum on one track, cymbal on another track, bass drum on another track, etc. , etc.

4) Hand in to:

  • centralpeelmusic.../HandIn/MusicIn/GarageBand2/LiveDrums1

6) Add live drums to your second piece.

Hand in to:

  • mediaartslab/MusicIn/GarageBand2/LiveDrums2