AMM: Garage Band Exercise #1: Loop Player Exercise

Using "Garage Band" create a 1 minute (minimum) piece using at least 3 loops.


Instructional Movie

(use this link if "YouTube" link fails)

1) Open "Garage Band."

  • Go/Applications/Garage Band
  • Click on Garage Band icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

2)Open the "loop browser" and listen to the loop choices.

Select an instrument type from the left side of the loop browser.
  • A number of loops should appear in the right side of the browser.
    • Click on a "loop" to listen to it.
3) Add the "loop" to the main window.
  • Drag the loop into the main window. ("Drag Apple Loops Here")
    • A small green "+" sign should appear in the main window
  • Move the "loop" to the beginning of the "track."
  • "Stretch" the loop to your chosen length.
    • Move the cursor to the top right edge of the "loop" until a circular arrow appears.
      • Grab the corner and pull the loop to the chosen length.

Loop before "move."

Loop after "move."

4) Add more loops to other tracks to create your "piece."

5) Hand in to:

  • centralpeelmusic.../HandIn/MusicIn/GarageBand1/Loop1

6) Be creative and create a second loop piece.

Hand in to:

  • centralpeelmusic.../HandIn/MusicIn/GarageBand1/Loop2