AMM: Garage Band Exercise #4: Using Effects

  1. Select a loop from the Loop Browser.
    • Loop icon at bottom right of the window.

  3. Drag 4 copies of the same loop onto 4 different tracks in the track window.
    • You should have 4 identical tracks in the main window.
  1. Apply a separate "effect" to each track.
  • "Solo" (headphone icon) the track you are working with so that you only hear one track at a time.
  • Click the "Track Info" button ("i" surrounded by blue circle) at the bottom right of the main window to open the "Track Info window.


  • Click the "Edit" tab in the Software Instruments window on the right side of the screen.
    • "i" button will open and close the Instruments window.
  • To activate(turn on) an effect make sure that the small button to the left of the effect is "green."
  • To add and effect click in an empty box "Click here to add effect" and select an effect from the pull-down menu.
    • Make sure to "activate" the effect.
    • To edit the effect click in the box immediately to the right of the "activate" button(green) to open up the effects edit window.
      • Make adjustments to the various settings in the window.
  • NB. This example is for the "Compressor" effect.
    • The effect you choose may have a very different settings window.
  • NB. While you can add a number of effects to the same track, for the purpose of this exercise only add one effect for each track.
  1. Using a word processor write a brief description of what each effect does to the original track.
    • Try to use your own words to describe what happens to the music and to the sounds.
  2. Save the Garage Band file.
  3. Create a folder and put the Garage Band file, and your word processor file into the folder.
  4. Hand the folder as your name into:
    • centralpeelmusic.../HandIn/MusicIn/GarageBand4