Music & Computers: Daily Log

1) Open FileMaker Pro 5.0

  • C/ProgramFiles/FileMakerPro/FileMakerPro.exe

2)Open Daily Log File and enter start log for week.

  • At the end of the week hand in your groups log.
  • 4students/Out/ThompsonPA/AMM/DailyLogs/DailyLogs.fp5
  • Leave password blank
  • File/Save a Copy As.. into your G drive.
  • Close the Master and open your copy.
  • To create a new log entry click "Control N"
    • Note the date will be added automatically
  • Close the file when finished.
    • The file is automatically saved.
  • At the end of the week hand in to:
    • 4students/In/ThompsonPa/Music_Computers/DailyLogs
    • NB. Save as your group's name.